About George Cushingberry Jr.

The 411 on the Man George Cushingberry Jr.

George’s Bio

George Cushingberry Jr. was born on January 6, 1953 to Edna and George Cushingberry. He graduated from the esteemed Detroit Cass Technical High School in 1971. George earned a bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Political Science, Urban Politics, Policy, and Administration from Wayne State University.  In 1991, Mr. Cushingberry Jr. earned his Jurist Doctorate from the University Of Detroit Mercy School Of Law.

By 1975, Cush became the youngest person to serve in the Michigan State house, until 1982. After serving in the house, he moved on and became a member of the Wayne County Board of Commissioners. He served on the board for sixteen years. Mr. Cushingberry ran for the 8th district in the House of Representatives in 2004.  

He was re-elected again in 2006 with 97% of the votes. Shortly after being elected Cushingberry was appointed the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee until 2010. Later on in 2010 he ran for the Senate seat, unfortunately he was not successful in his pursuit.  In 2014, he then ran for City Council seat in District 2 and won by over 50% of the votes.


He is an associate Pastor at Northwestern Unity Baptist Church in Detroit. He is a lifetime member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). 


Career Highlights

  • Elected in 1975, Mr. Cushingberry became the youngest person to serve in the Michigan State House, where he served until 1982
  • In 2006, Mr. Cushingberry was appointed as the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee until 2010
  • Re-elected in 2006 with 97% of votes for City Council District 2
  • In 2013, Cushingberry was elected by over 50% of District 2 residents for City Council
  • Elected in 2014 as Council President Pro-Tempore of the Detroit City Council and, appointed Chairman of the Budget, Finance and Audit standing committee
  • Has balanced the City’s budget for 4 years improving the bond rating,  credit score, and exiting State Control of City Finances
  • Increased reading scores over 50% by reading to the children in Detroit Public Schools and promoting literacy

the cushingberry platform

George Cushingberry Jr. is committed to community……


Reading Literacy

In order to succeed, you must learn how to read


Workforce Literacy and Training

Providing training and opportunities to young citizens of our District


Community Policing

Ending Poverty and Hunger in the City of Detroit

Meet Our Team

The Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr.

The Cushingberry Crew

Vivian Teague – Campaign Manager

Paris Powell – Treasurer

Richard Clement